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Proudly serving the Cayman Islands market since 1969.

Who We Are

We are a leading manufacturers’ representative in the Cayman Islands with over 50 years of experience with an extensive track record of representing the world’s largest manufacturers in the Cayman Islands.   By using a multi-faceted approach which combines marketing, sales strategy and timely distribution we ensure that the brands we represent experience maximum growth as well as ensuring the continued success of our customers.

Our Portfolio

Many of our brands are familiar favorites all over the world. Our portfolio consists of a wide range of categories which includes grocery, health and beauty, tobacco, household and non-alcoholic beverages.  The brands we represent are household names from all over the world.

Large Distribution Network

We have an extensive distribution network through which we are able to provide same day delivery to most of the Cayman Islands as well as extensive warehouse space to store our brands.  This ensures our manufacturer’s products reach the end customer and that our customer’s shelves remain filled.

Sales/Merchandise Services

Our experienced sales team covers the brands we represent in all channels, from supermarket to bar/restaurant, gas station and convenience stores. The dedicated merchandisers in our key accounts ensure we have fully stocked and presentable shelves on a daily basis whilst keeping rate of sale, replenishment and stock rotation at the top of mind. We are constantly communicating with/visiting our customers discussing and innovating the best sales strategy for the specific target and location.

Customer and Community Focused

Our actions are driven on the premise that our customers and community’s needs are paramount.  With this premise in mind, we have garnished excellent relationships throughout the Islands, from large modern trade accounts to small mom and pop shops.  Our customers trust us and the recommendations we make. Such a relationship ensures that both our customers and the brands represent are able to succeed.

Forward Thinking

Embracing the philosophy of continuous improvement, the company focuses on serving the needs of both its customers and suppliers and maintaining its position as market leader in the Cayman Islands, through the implementation of creative and innovative business practices.

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